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Woke Culture Jamming

There are many things about our community that I love, Woke Culture Jamming is one of them.

What do I mean by that? I mean that it's possible to see something for what it is, even if it's a dark or destructive impulse, acknowledge it, reject it and then use it.

For example, a person of color may be working on Black Lives Matter during the day, and then during play may want to integrate race play as part of their experience. Or a woman who is an argent feminist may want to be objectified during her play. Or a man who is a feminist may enjoy degradation as part of his play.

What makes them okay is their understanding of why. When we understand why something appeals to us, we can own it. Maybe our desires are an expression of some deep-seated dark impulse, or we just want to play with the idea of being evil, or being objectified/useless, of being the object of fear or being the monster.

Many of us live in a culture of repression. We do not express our desires- we often don't even allow them to rise to the surface.

But here we are safe. CEOs can be gimps. Doctors can be mindless fuckdolls. A poor grad student can be a queen, and a 65 year old grandpa can be a sissy dolly. This can and often does include some dark impulses, responses to our larger cultural forces. And that's not only okay... it's great.

Play is a place to be safe.