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Baby Yoda, Sadistic Impluses, Cuteness and What it Means for Kink

I just finished watching this video by Wisecrack on the link between sadistic impulses and cuteness:

Towards the end of the video, the video postulates that our desire for cuteness is bound towards our desire to be powerful and care for the cute object. Backed by the psychological evidence presented before it, this theory makes sense and resonates with me as well.

As a sadist, so does the feeling of sadism around some cute things.

What the video didn't explore is the opposite impulse- the impulse to be cute. It didn't explore the desire to be cared for, cherished, or ruined, all within the context of being a cute object. As kinksters on either (or sometimes both) side of the S/M slash, we see or experience both of these.

As a sadist, I well up with emotion at my masochistic counterpart who wants to be devoured, consumed or "ruined" by my hand. We see this desire played out in not only our community but may expressions of cuteness that have a sinister quality to them implying "I'm cute but potentially dangerous."

As a society, I wonder why it is that we feel it's socially acceptable to be dominant, but not submissive and able to talk about the desire to harm and not the desire to be harmed.

I'd love input from my cute masochistic friends on why this might be the case!