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Mini Quiches and Kink

When I was ten, I went to my first bar mitzvah and I had mini-quiches.

I fell in love. They were small, cute, and tasted so good! I also tried pigs in a blanket, and other amazing appetizers. I love appetizers. I don't need the entree- I'm happy with appetizers.

I was talking to a vanilla friend recently about kink- explaining the things we do and how we do it and she gave me the line I've heard countless times before, "That sounds like great foreplay!"

"Foreplay?", I thought, "No... this is the thing itself..."

For her, and other vanilla folks, what we do looks like the lead up to something that only one inevitable conclusion!

And honestly, sometimes it does! Sometimes the appetizer really does make me hungry for the entree.

Other times, I'm perfectly happy with my shrimp cocktail and mini-quiche!