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Vanilla Homosexuals and Us

Late last night, I got into a discussion regarding the Supreme Court's decisions to not allow "religious objections" as an excuse in the denial of marriage licenses.

I jumped in and discussed the rights of polyamarous and other folks with unrecognized relationships, saying that things have progressed, but that we still have a ways to go for all loving relationships to be recognized.

This afternoon, I saw this reply:

"... That's why we fought so hard for gay marriages. Other types of relationships are fun but don't have a particular social value, so they don't need any kind of protection"

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I replied to the person, but the sentiment is a disturbing one. It echoes so much bigotry of the past "relationships of social value". I can only imagine what that terms means in the mind of the author, but I know what it has meant in so many people's minds in the past- reproduction and the family. "Traditional family values". Seeing this reply from a self-reported homosexual is not just frustrating, it's shocks me to my core.

We, this community, have much work to do.