Vir Cotto's BDSM Blog


Are you interested in playing with me?

I'm always up for meeting new folks and engaging in play. Feel free to contact me.

My area of specialty is erotic hypnosis, but I also enjoy other forms of play, such as rope (shibari) and various forms of impact play, including flogging, spanking and paddling, as well as electro-play (ie violet wands).

I'm specifically looking for a rope bottom who would like to be tied up and attend rope events with me. If you're interested in that especially, contact me!

If you'd like references, I can provide them. I'm also an active member of The Eulenspiegal Society (TES), the longest running BDSM organization in the world. In January of 2017, I was awarded Volunteer of the Month. In addition, I also also give classes and workshops at various BDSM conferences and conventions.

Please note that I only play with women (cis or trans) and I don't have sex outside of a relationship, but am happy to discuss limits one on one.