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Hypnosis can be used for evil

I practice erotic hypnosis. Sometimes I use it for good, "making you feel amazing, awake and aware", and sometimes I use it for "evil", making someone feel small, afraid, immobilized, humiliated or in pain. Hypnosis is a tool that I use regularly for my scenes and in my personal life. I've seen it used for kink, and I've seen it used for BDSM, but before today, I'd never seen it be used to for actual evil.

Someone very close to me is transgender. She was born into a body that does not match her experiential gender. But anyone who spends a few minutes with her and looks deeply in those beautiful brown eyes of hers can see immediately who she is.

On her last trip home, she told her mother that is is trans. She's been worried that telling her mother would be a disaster, but her mother thought about it and accepted her. It was a special moment they shared, one of acceptance of love, despite tradition and religion. When she relayed that moment to me, I almost cried.

But a few days ago her mother called back. Her mother is insisting that my friend go to a hypnotherapist, one specializing in past life regression so that she can explore the cause, the sin that has lead to this situation, and possibly (hopefully) to "address it" in hopes of curing my dear, beautiful girl of her transgenderism.

When I heard that, my stomach dropped and I turned cold.

I've seen hypnosis used to turn people into mindless fuckdolls, into human science experiments, into subhuman creatures and Lovecraftian nightmares but in all this time I'd never thought about, or even considered how hypnosis could be used for actual evil.