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A New Routine (Hypnokink)

In an effort to become healthier, I recently hired a personal trainer. His job is to guide me through exercises to build my muscles. As a hypnotist, I do much the same thing with new subjects.

Once people get over their initial skepticism of hypnosis, they're often amazed at the possibilities- anything from mind blowing orgasms, new personalities, body transformation, fear play, etc.

Maybe you're thinking "Sign me up!", but then we play and in the first or second session with me, we're not doing that wild stuff that you've seen or read. That's because we're focusing on training your mind for this new state. We're working together to help you enter and stay in trance. Anything we do on top of that is a nice bonus, but those first sessions are there to lay the groundwork for more interesting times later.

Today my trainer introduced me to boxing, utilizing all those core, arm and shoulder muscles we've been building up. I had a hell of a good time doing left and right jabs and uppercuts.

If you're a subject of mine and we've had a session or two of beginning hypno- don't worry, the big fun is just around the corner.

PS- Maybe we've done a session and we started off doing wild, crazy stuff. If so- that's awesome. If you have previous hypnotic experience, or you're "a natural"- that's wonderful, but most people aren't, and they take a little time to train their mind to get into this new mind state.