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A good Dom

Many people search for a good dom and write posts about them. I thought I'd write my own for those of you searching for one:

A good dom:

1. ...makes all your wishes come true.

A good dom will make all your wishes come true, even the ones you didn't know. He will crawl into the deepest recesses of your mind and find fantasies and desires you didn't know existed, and then manifest them.

2. ...will make it seem easy.

Relationships aren't hard work, not with a good dom. A good dom will make your submission seem effortless.

3. ...knows your limits better than you do.

You shouldn't need to ever call Red with a good dom. He should be able to ready your body, read your mind. Every scene with him should push you just past where you thought you could go, but know exactly when to stop.

4. ...never gets mad.

A good dom is calm, cool and collected at all times. He never loses his composure or his calm. There's never a moment in the day when he isn't 100% in control.

5. naturally handsome.

A good dom's domination comes not only from his mind but his body. His piercing eyes, his chiseled chin and cheekbones. He has handsome rugged good looks and you melt when you see him.

6. ...always performs perfectly in bed.

He'll fuck you just the right way. You'll cum at least four times before he's even close to busting his nut. He'll never go too long, and he'll never go soft before you're satisfied.

7. ...doesn't have a gut.

A good dom's body is chiseled and perfect, just like his mind.

8. ...never gets sick.

A good dom is in complete control of his mind and his body and it never fails him or gets sick.

9 brilliant and well educated.

A good dom is brilliant and likely has at least one Ph.D.

10. worth millions of dollars.

A good dom is worth at least a million. A great dom is worth a billion dollars or more.

Anyone who doesn't meet all these criteria is not a good dom. Don't waste your time with such people.