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Meow Hypnosis

If you attended my Meow Hypnosis demonstration at at the TES Hypno-Quickies event and are curious about the hypnotic technique used in the demonstration, this page will break down the induction and the suggestion processes.

This page is intended for beginners to hypnosis, but can be used by anyone.

Speech Restriction

It's very important to understand here how the use of framing is used here, as speech restriction can be both very hot but also potentially triggering for someone. The technique as demonstrated in the class has an element of emotional sadism (humiliation) because this technique worked well with Faeylayn, but it is not required for the technique to work generally. Other ways of achieving the same result would be to suggest how good it would feel to let go of human thought and human language, or as a mind game, seeing how powerful the unconscious mind is over the conscious mind.

The Initial Induction

In the very first sentence of induction, we are including both the idea of word substitution as well as the word we're choosing.

"I'm going to count from ten to meow and as I reach the number meow, let yourself get more relaxed, meow and meow relaxed."

In this case, I'm immediately introducing both the suggestion and the mental process for the suggestion directly into the induction. Her mind is consciously and subconsciously understanding that we are doing a word substitution, and that meow is now a substitute for a number of words, both a number, and also the word "more", which sounds a bit like meow. By doing this, we're setting the subject's mind up for the suggestion that is to come explicitly.

In addition to the counting, you may have noticed that I was rubbing Faeylayn's back. This was a very simple way of helping her relax, and since we have done so much hypnosis this way, was a way of triggering her into a more relaxed state from a simple countdown.

The Deepener

In this case, we used a deeper that used Faeylayn's own memories, bringing her back to her days at school. We used the imagery of the desk, chair, the sound of chalk on the blackboard, and the droning voice of the teacher. This has two purposes. The first purpose is to help Faeylayn disassociate from the current situation and go into a deeper level of trance by having her remember and imagine herself in the classroom. To do this, we use explicit modal imagery, the shape of the desk, the feel of the chair, the sound of the chalkboard.

We are then asking her to start to disassociate from her own memory by suggesting that in her own trance, she is starting to fade out, finding it meow and meow difficult to focus. We also integrate the suggestion into the deepener, as we begin to use this same multi-modal language to modify the words, both visual and auditory. We specifically choose cursive writing and an emphasis on the curves of the words because this is not only visual but also kinesthetic as well, and we are modifying the teacher's voice to the meow suggestion as well, so that her mind is now filled with seeing, hearing and feeling the writing of the word meow.

All during the deepener, we continue to use the word "meow". This re-emphasizes the word, as well as helping the subconscious mind along in its process of word substitution.

The Suggestion

At this point, Faeylayn is in a very disassociated state, imagining the teacher speaking and writing in Meow. Now we need to move that suggestion from the external world into her. That is the actual suggestion, but we've already given her so many cues that all the world is meow that moving the suggestion into her is relatively straightforward, though we do so systematically, listing the various parts of speech individually and explicitly changing each one

We also bind the suggestion a bit, limiting the time of its effectiveness and the location. This has the result of making the suggestions safer, which in turn make them stronger.

Removing the suggestion

As per the suggestion, we had both a trigger word and a time limit, so there are multiple ways the suggestion could be removed. In this case, using the "cookie imagery" of "eating your words", we removed the suggestion explicitly in a way that's fun and also cute. we used imagery that is both gustatory and kinesthetic. We don't see enough gustatory hypnosis! By having the subject eat the words in the form of cookies, she is removing the suggestion at her own pace.

Cautions and Notes

One of the issues that has come up with this hypnotic technique before is that while the suggestion is explicit that the bottom will only be able to say the word "Meow", that the experience of not being understood can be triggering and can cause an abreaction. On the less extreme side, it may be that the subject, once they realize they can't say anything but Meow, will not want to speak. There are several ways to address this, but the easiest way is to simply add that other people will be able to understand them, unless that's not your intent.


While I'll leave most customizations up to the reader, this method of hypnotic speech restriction can be quite useful and fun in a wide variety of circumstances, for example in pet play, or in a more D/s environment having the only thing that bottom can verbally express is "Thank you", or being unable to speak at all. This kind of speech restriction can also have a sadomasochistic aspect, literally taking away someone's ability to eloquently express themselves can be a form of humiliation.


The Meow hypnosis induction/suggestion outlined here uses several techniques to achieve its goal, including

  • Integrating the suggestion into the induction
  • Disassociation
  • Multi-Modal imagery
  • Implicit, then Explicit suggestions
  • Multi-Modal Suggestion Removal

If you decide to use these ideas, meow a good time!